20v So who's seen this before?

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Wed Sep 3 08:11:36 PDT 2008

A clue that the key isn't returning fully is the readout for the climate 
control. (in cars so equipped)

I have to manually return my key to the run position so it's something I'm 
used to.


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  Robert Myers <bob at chips-ur-s.com> wrote:
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  Try your ignition switch.  Turn the key to the start position and
  release it.  Now check to see if it fully returns to the run
  position.  Also see if the windows and radio work at this time.
  A frequent fault is a broken switch which does not return to the run
  position.  This leaves the starter activated and if you run the car
  any distance with the starter engaged it is new starter time.  Also,
  when this happens the load reduction relay "reduces the load" by
  turning off power to the windows and some other accessories.
  If this is your problem replace the electrical portion of the
  ignition switch.  This is not a major job.  Having done it a few
  times I could probably make the change in perhaps 20 minutes.  It
  will likely take longer the first time.  If you need a little
  hand-holding just ask.
  At 05:39 AM 9/3/2008, Whitehill wrote:
>When I started the car the starter motor was a bit hesitant on first 
>then acted normally and all was well.  I mention this because of what
>happened next. I visited a client and spent a few hours with her. 
>After the
>visit it restarted without incident and I began to drive home. .Within 
>couple of kilometres from home the engine died and when I attempted 
>there the started wouldn't engage even though the ignition switch 
>seems to
>be functioning. The battery seems fine but anyway I walked home and 
>got my
>wife to drive me back to the car. I attempted to jump start anyway but 
>response so we towed it home. What would stop the starter turning over 
>is it related to the flameout?
>Hopefully someone has BTDT.  As a relatively new comer to the wonders? 
>20V I look forward to some constructive suggestions as to where to 
>Confident of some worthwhile guidance
>Rick Hayllar
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