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It's always a relief when you're done!
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  Date: Tue, 2 Sep 2008 21:59:25 -1000
  From: "Al Streicher" <streichea001 at>
  Subject: Thanks for the help
  To: "Quattro" <quattro at>
  >Thanks to all who directed me to websites or
  their own sites (Huw). I had to
  >replace the lock carrier and with your discussion
  also put in a new
  >cylinder. The write-ups were very helpful. I
  waited for a long weekend to
  >apply my knowledge and talent. I'm not perfect.
  Everything came apart as
  >directed and with a few tries went back together
  correctly. The carrier is
  >now made from a steel stamping. I installed a new
  cylinder, and transferred
  >the springs and tumblers. When I do it on the
  passenger door, I will order
  >or find new springs. The old ones showed lots of
  >Things have gone up in price. The carrier,
  893-837-287-D and 893-837-288-D,
  >$17.00 each. Here on the islands, I was quoted
  $38 for the carrier, no
  >thanks. Cylinders are about $21, bare bones, no
  springs or tumblers.
  >I also greased/lubed all the associated cabling.
  Checked the venting or
  >drain holes at the bottom of the door. They were
  open. I cleaned the
  >contacts for the window switches.
  >If I had a newer car, I would have nothing to do.
  >Al Streicher
  >Honolulu, HI.
  >1990 80 blk
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