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I don't know...sounds like a lot of work to me.  The transmissions are
swapable....but ecu, wiring harness all would have be swapped over...if i
was you I would pull the good tranny and put it in the car w/ the good
motor and part out the remaining.  

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  Tyson Varosyan wrote:
  > I own a wrecked '96 2.8L A4Q automatic - good engine and tranny. I
  > the option to buy a cheap '98 1.8T A4Q 5-speed with a blown motor.
  > idea here is to pull the motor from the wrecked car and put it in
  > other one.

  (I've been trying Google's Chrome web browser with Comcast
  webmail, and twice it's swallowed an email response. So if
  you see this twice, blame Google.)

  I don't know about fit, but I think the EPA has laws against
  putting an older engine in a newer car, as it wouldn't meet
  the EPA standards. A newer engine in an older car is OK
  as long as the newer engine's EPA controls are retained.
  (And that may be based on 40 year old knowledge when
  people tried to put 1967 unsmogged engines in 1968 runs
  like crap cars.)

  That said, an ECU from a '98 might work with the '96
  engine, and might tell the EPA sniffer what you want
  it to think.

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