big day, wish me luck...

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at
Fri Sep 19 11:56:37 PDT 2008

Good luck, but more : Bravo ! One must follow its dreams, that's giving back
what nature/god/society gave you at birth. 

You know that Brady Mofatt did exactly that last year ? He left his
financial planning job to start Dynodoc, a tuning shop that operates a
Dynapack 4wd dyno. I'm sure he won't go back. There is a monster A4/S4 today
in his shop, a beast with a custom turbo setup that he has to tune, with a
600 hp objective. That's a bit different than convincing people to put money
in funds for the far future...

Again, good luck, and you can stick around as long as you don't try to sell
us your goodies :-)


-----Message d'origine-----

Well, I'm going to do sales for Stasis Engineering, up the road from me in
Sonoma, Ca at Infineon Raceway [Sears Point to everyone]. It's a huge
change, but a chance to chase a dream. I've been obsessed with cars for as
long as i can remember. My grandfather used to tell stories about walking me
to the center of town for ice cream when i was 3 or 4. I would walk by the
lines of cars and name them all off. Shop owners would step out to admire
the spectacle. I've always wanted to work around my passion, but have never
had the guts or the opportunity. Stasis is an amazing little company and I
think poised to do great things. I'm staking my living on it! So off i go,
into the unknown. I'm both terrified and terribly excited. I've been part of
this community for several years now and really wanted to let you all know.
Wish me luck!

Oh yeah, can i still post here even though I'll no longer be an amateur? =)


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