Removal of starter motor from 20v

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The nut is on the bottom bolt for the starter.  The next bolt above it along the engine/bellhousing interface is the top bolt for the starter.  It is threaded into the starter nosecone body, which has threads.  So the bottom is a through-bolt with the nut, the top is screwed into the starter.  Not a lot of room, but a little patience gets the top bolt out.  I usually leave the bottom nut on the end of the bolt while I screw out the top bolt.
Sounds like you're ready for a starter overhaul.  Usually by the time the starter quits on you, the bendix assembly is shot and the shaft worn enough you can't just clean it up.  I take mine to a Bosch service center.

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I thought this would be easy?!
Having replaced my ignition contact block that was falling to bits I thought my
starter problems were over.
I now get a healthy twelve volts on the starter solenoid but nothing else so
maybe the solenoid is stuffed?
So I thought I might pull the starter out and clean in up and test it on the
I found one 14 mm nut to undo at the bottom of the starter that I have loosened
I then attempted to find another you would expect to find it diagonally
It is pretty hard to see around there but I can't find it. Am I missing a
trick here?
Thanks in advance for the words of wisdom that will flow.
Rick Hayllar
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