Electrical Gremlin - Window '95 90 Q-Sport

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Wed Apr 1 14:16:59 PDT 2009

Shawn Kolu wrote:
> After driving for a time the electric windows and sunroof quit working, they
> won't respond to any button presses.  Once you turn it off and leave it for
> a while it all comes back up.  Where are the most likely places to look for
> the problem.  I'm thinking the driver door switch assembly.  Maybe the
> control module?

> Another issue, AC.  Where is the low-side port?   I think the high-side is
> right there in front on the coils in front of the radiator.  I want to
> charge it to see if I can get the compressor to come on and then track down
> the leak and replace the part.  If not I may need professional help.
> P.S. Is Phil Payne still around?  I used to follow his posts religiously.

Windows: my vote is on the wires in the door jamb accordion rubber.

AC: I seem to recall there is no low-side port, which is why it is hard to find.
At least that's what I remember about the Type 44.

Phil: sadly, he dropped off the list a fews years ago.

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