alternator issues

Kent McLean kentmclean at
Mon Apr 6 03:53:06 PDT 2009

urq wrote:
> ... definitely interesting ... it sounds like the alternator was not working
> at first, and then it started working ... at least some.  What do you know
> about this alternator, has it been in the car a long time?  

I know it came with the car. :)    I can check with the previous owner,
but I'll be checking voltages once I fix my DVM (see below).

> On your post about the ammeter in the DVM ... it does sound like you had
> moved the test leads to the location for measuring current (that would have
> been my suspicion) so it sounds like the ammeter part of your DVM isn't
> working, and as others have noted it may be a fuse.  

It was a blown fuse.

Thanks for all the suggestions.

Kent McLean
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