ac valve

Snoopy snoopy at
Wed Apr 8 23:10:13 PDT 2009

> Hello audifans. The patient is A100 '90 2.3 NF. It seems that I have a
> leak in the "box" which is attached to the side of AC compressor. In
> FA it's called "union with charge valve" (034298013C), the AC hoses
> are attached to it. The leak is not between this unit and compressor,
> but between the two parts of the unit itself. I couldn't find any info
> if seals or repair kits are available for this part. Any help?

Once again, the day is saved by SJM :)

Now the only thing left is to find that gasket in a country half a
globe away from US. The supplier from SJM page charges $42 just for
shipping, not to mention $17 for the gasket...


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