URQ engine options

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Wed Apr 15 15:02:53 PDT 2009

For me, there is no substitute for a 5-pot. Soundtrack and weirdness alone
make it the engine of choice. Going the EFI route on a 10V is a nice way of
getting more HP for not much $$$. My first choice.

But I've seen a 90Q with an 1.8T engine, and this would be my second choice.
I'm just out of a 2009 TT-S (265 hp 2.0T) with a DSG ; very, very nice
combo. Even the soundtrack was nice. Finding a wrecked A4 with a 2.0T would
make your urQ a faster car, and better handling too.

A V8 is too "common" for my tastes, even if it is the faster engine for an
urQ. I just don't like the idea. If you want a V8, buy a Mustang. :-)


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What would be some good choices today if one was re powering an 82 URQ. 

My car in question is an unfinished project started in 1990. I picked up an
almost new 89 mc2 motor with harness and cpu from a wreck.Being who I was
then I eventually ended up redoing the entire motor. Throught the years my
intension was to replace the cis with an aftermarket system. This engin with
all the upgrades it will have shoul easily put out 300hp.

The car is in fantastic shape and needs to be on the road.

I don't think a 20v is worth the effort at this time so what if any are my
options. V8?   Opinions?



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