A6 rear differential fluid change

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You actually just sit there cranking on low with the impact?  I've typically
whacked it back and forth a bit... however snapped bolts occur (5hp 60gallon
tank) from time to time...guess that's where the lower setting comes into
play?  The impact motion is what does the work on breaking loose the bolt
right?   I like the concept though that perseverance with the impact wrench
can pay off... i think having a compressor with some grunt is key (and don't
use a cheapo impact wrench)


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If you have an 1/2" impact wrench don't be afraid to use it (on the  lowest 
setting). Use something like PB Blaster then just sit on it for 10+  
minutes with the impact wrench on LOW and occasionally reverse  directions.
is a trick used by diesel mechanics on heavy equipment.  I've seen a special

jig fabricated to hold the wrench while you go have a  cup.
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