No start, no spark - 1987 5KS with NF engine

DK proleonk at
Sun Apr 19 13:27:53 PDT 2009

Have a look at the distributor, see if it is getting any power to it.
also, rotate it and see if you get the correct voltage when the window
is open and closed (TDC and non TDC). See here for more info: on
how to check if the hall sensor is still working correctly. If the
hall sensor is not working correctly, it will not send a signal to the
coil to fire. Yes, do do fail, or may be filled with oil.
If that doesnt do it, do you know if the coil is still good? swap it
with a good part (from the 100 from your sig) and see if that works.
Should be around 1k ohms across 1 & 2, but check the Bentley for

Good luck.


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