Transmission questions

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Apr 23 11:07:28 PDT 2009

urq wrote:
> .... I believe they are referring to the gear ratios inside the transmission,
> but you are correct that having unequal FDRs in the diffs can cause
> excessive differentiation in the center diff, which may cause excessive
> wear.  
> I owned a 5000 TQ which had different ratios in the front and rear diff ....
> I didn't figure that out before buying the car ... I don't know how long the
> car had this configuration, but it didn't show any signs of center diff
> wear.  

I think the main "problem" with "continuous differentiation" (other than 
it sounds like tough calculus?) is that power is being transmitted by 
the small spider gears all the time, and they aren't really built for 
that.  In straight line travel, for instance, they only keep the output 
gears in sync, other than that they are just along for the ride.

Huw Powell

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