Climate control '92 100q

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Fri Apr 24 11:23:30 PDT 2009

There were a couple of listers who changed over to manual controls in the
past.  I too wanted to do this (on the 5KS, now the 200TQA), but the
catch is that you have to find a bone yard with a euro or Canadian import
which didn't have the electronic version.  All US cars had the automatic
climate control.  After the spike in scrap prices last summer, I suspect
there may be no donors left on this continent.  I've been more or less
looking for a while too, the last manual climate control for the type 44
I came across was in a Penn junkyard a couple of  years ago, but it was a
no-go since it was a u-pullit only yard and I couldn't get down there. 
Some lucky lister did get it though.

I wonder if GM ever supplied a manual control in the cars it used the
system in.  The late 80's Cadillacs had an identical CC, the only
difference, IIRC, was that the display for the Cadillacs were blue. 
Maybe if they installed this system in lower GM cars, there may have been
a manual version which could be adapted.  I haven't played with it in
quite a while,  my main mode of failure seems to be solenoids, and I've
managed to keep the CC working by swapping good solenoids between failed

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Steve Meyer <quattroslm at> writes:
> Is it possible to change my climate control to a manual 
> heating/cooling unit? I don't really need the automatic control and 
> I'm sick of the control unit going out.

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