4kq shift linkage/ball socket interchangability?

urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Aug 12 13:55:47 PDT 2009

The typical failure of these parts is the ball working itself loose.  If
that is the problem here the existing part can be repaired.  My first
attempt was to re-stake the ball by holing it in a vise and hammering the
back surface until everything was tight again.  I've also had the ball
welded in place.  The second solution should be permanent and would be what
I would recommend.

Steve Buchholz

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I have a friend trying to track down a part for his(my old) 4kq. He put an
add in the wanted section, but hasn't found any in the States. Here is his

"I'm desperate for part no. 431711221 (ball socket)for the shift linkage -
'85 4000s Quattro. I can't find one new and I'm hoping someone has one
around - or might have an idea where I could locate one. Mine is... well...

Does anyone know if that part is interchangable with other models?


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