The feds are still determined to get my car

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Thu Aug 13 13:42:06 PDT 2009

I'm all for to each their own. (ie less government is more).  I'm also for a
stupid tax. Buy a hummer...get a tax....on each gallon of gas you use.
Let's get some exponential curves going on driving tax. If you use more and
pollute costs more.  That being said, it's still hot to see Soccer
mom's flip their hair in their Excursions...with 1 kid in the truck. lol

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>Ironically and interesting enough some people are actually using the 
>C4C program to trade their "clunkers," which are suppossed to get 
>less than 18MPG, for new gas guzzlers like Hummers!!

It's a relative thing.  If you are trading in a F-250 with a 460 that 
gets 10 mpg in on a Hummer that gets 16 mpg, that's a significant 
amount of gas being saved, almost twice more per 1000 miles than a 
person with a car that gets 18 mpg trading it in on a car that gets 
28 mpg.  Remember the car/truck being purchased has to get better 
fuel economy to get the credit.

George Selby 

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