The feds are still determined to get my car

Huw Powell audi at
Thu Aug 13 14:18:40 PDT 2009

Ed Kellock wrote:
> I don't agree.  I think mpg is more intuitive.  As you get better, you can
> go farther on a gallon of gas.  Also a bit more glass-half-full than the
> other way around.
> Each manner of measuring aids easy comparison of fuel consumption from one
> vehicle to another, just not between the two manners of measuring, but
> that's really not an issue, is it?

The math is easy either way.  The important part is to remember that it 
is a percentage issue, not a simple subtraction one.  Of course, that 
assumes one has a "need" for that 16 mpg vehicle (which one might, if 
replacing a 10 mpg one).

Oh, and on the mpg vs. l/100 km thing, at least in "our" system a bigger 
number is better.  That works well for Americans.

Huw Powell

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