Paint Scuffs and Scratches

Scott Phillips Scottp at
Fri Aug 14 06:13:48 PDT 2009


That you put the words polishing compound in quotes says that you're not
only not sure what to use, but more importantly how to use it. That said
I would take it somewhere it'll say you both tons of headache. 

Yes there are horror stories everyone has them about detail shops.. and
they usually relate to a kid with a buffer and a dark color paint,
something that is going to take the new swirl marks and make them shine
brightly in the sun at the exact moment you pick the car up. However
there have been huge improvements in buffing pads, compounds and the
machines themselves since then. 

Any reputable detail shop should be able to handle this without much if
any fuss; and will use products that are safe for clearcoat. 

As for the ding and scratches, don't park there, erect some type of
barrier, a conversation with the bumpy neighbor never hurt. 

Good luck

Scott P

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