type 44 heater valve -- the electrical connection

DeWitt Harrison six-rs at comcast.net
Wed Aug 19 19:23:21 PDT 2009

This heater valve electrical connection thing is sorta interesting.
My '88 type 44 only has the vacuum connection and, also, does
not seem to have the dangling, unused electrical connector that apparently
appears in various type 44s near the valve, especially, it appears, in
MY '89 through '91. I am curious if the electrical connection on these later
type 44s could be for a feedback switch in the valve to signal the
climate control unit for a self diagnostic test for valve operation.

Anybody got a Bentley handy for these cars? It would be interesting
to know what those heater valve wires are connected to and whether
the diagnostic code table for the climate control unit makes reference
to a heater valve operation fault.

Regarding the MY '89 reversion to 100/200 model designation: it
makes complete sense, of course, and I've seen tons of '89 - '91
200s. I've just never seen a type 44 100 and it somehow never occurred
to me that Audi continued producing non-turbo type 44 cars into the 1990s.

Fast alle 44s sind 5ks und 200s in Colorado, it seems.

DeWitt Harrison
'88 5000CS

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