Audi 90 20v Radiator Help

Brett Dikeman brett.dikeman at
Sat Aug 22 09:21:50 PDT 2009

On Sat, Aug 22, 2009 at 11:02 AM, Paul Caouette<paxnobis at> wrote:
> Tank top has split......
> I'm looking at E-bay for a replacement and can't quite figure out if the 20v
> radiator is the same as the 5 cylinder quattro....any help on this would be
> appreciated.
> Other sources ?

Don't buy used radiators, for starters.  It's a #$@!% of a job on most
of the cars, you'll be risking doing it a second time (or doing engine
damage), and new radiators tend to drastically outperform 10+ year old
ones.  Their air fins are cleaner and they're not corroded inside.

If you want to go the cheap route, take it to a radiator shop and see
if they'll clean the core and if they have any way to repair the
tanks.  There are plastic welding techniques.

I had to replace the 200q20v's radiator a few years ago, and when I
did so, temps dropped, the fan ran far less, etc.  As for pricing- the
cheapest price was with Mac @ Prime wholesale parts (then Clair
Parts), though I was picking up the radiator, not having it shipped.

As far as I know, the type 44 family used about the same radiator
except for the 3B, which had additional ports for the auxiliary
radiator.  I doubt they're the same as the B platform cars; those
radiators have always looked much smaller to me.


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