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urq urq at pacbell.net
Sat Aug 22 22:45:57 PDT 2009

It is clear that folks on both sides of this issue have strong feelings.

I would not argue that keeping things in chronological order can help in the
future should the conversation be sufficiently useful to keep around.  In
reality very few threads meet this criteria ... IMO at least.

Assuming that one has been following the thread, the subject sets the topic
up ... why must the reader re-read the history to get to the new
information?  As you may guess, I would consider adding info to the bottom
of a response annoying.  

.... oh yes, I find message boards not to be worth the effort to visit ...
That's why I scrubside to audifans ... 

Steve Buchholz
"Crazy Talker"

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At 09:33 PM 8/22/2009, you wrote:
>I'm with Ed.  I think the new stuff should come first.  Reading electronic
>messages differs from reading a book.

That's crazy talk.  That's like hearing a conversation from the end 
first, then gradually understanding what people are talking 
about.  It makes much more sense to have what the person is replying 
to up top, and then reading the reply.  That way you get the subject 
of the reply first, then the reply.

I also hate message boards where they post the most recent post at 
the top.  Then you have to read back and see what people are talking 
about.  It also makes it hard to keep up with a protracted 
thread.  If you have already read the first 8 pages of a thread, it's 
easy to know to go to the start of page 9 and pick up where you left 
off.  With the top post first, you have to figure out where the new 
posts start, then go there and start reading up.

George Selby 

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