[s-cars] [V8] Audi's 2009 Superbowl Commercial

Kent McLean kentmclean at comcast.net
Mon Feb 2 12:06:26 PST 2009

Tony not Lillie wrote:
> Well, other than an old A8 for a winter beater, Being alluminum and all.

Bah!  I have a '56 Austin-Healey (1 owner since 1974!).
Its front and rear shrouds (the body metal surrounding
the engine and trunk/boot) are made of aluminum/aluminium.
On mine (needing restoration) the part that bolts to
the body has corroded. It may be the dissimilar metals
and electrolysis, but I'm sure salt hasn't helped it.
(It was a daily driver when I took it off the road.)

But an A8 would still be a nice winter beater.

Kent McLean
'99 A4, V6 Tiptronic
'91 200 TQA, with mods

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