Why are the L5 Turbo engine sounds different ?

Louis-Alain Richard larichard at plguide.com
Tue Feb 10 20:06:01 PST 2009

Nice video, but I was asking about the street engines...

One side note about this video : at 1:15 and at 2:40, we can clearly hear
the DSG/PDK (dual clutch gearbox) that was tried briefly on the sport Q.
That was 1985, it took them 20 years to bring it to the market...


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Many many things have an effect on exhaust note. Little things like port 
size and shape, header design, camshaft profiles, even combustion chamber 
design, and big items like number of valves per cylinder, bore, stroke, 
overall displacement, etc, all make the acousics change in various ways and 
produce different sounds. Look at a V10 Carrera GT and a V10 Dodge Viper for

a very extreme example... they just plain don't even sound like they are 
from the same planet, but really they have a ton of simmilarities.

Generally many people would say 'all V8s sound like a V8, all 6's sound like

6's etc', but the truth is that that is only true to the untrained ear. I'd 
guess that you couldn't tell the differance in engine note between a Porsche

930 (3.3l) and a 3.2l Carrera, but I can tell you from half a mile away just

because I'm so used to hearing such things. Likewise while my P-car 
loving/driving co-workers couldn't tell the differance in exhaust note 
between my 5ktq and my friend's Volvo 5cyl S60R, your ear is accustomed to 
the Audi engines and can pick out the very fine details of the note and to 
you they sound as different as French and English. Heh, that leaves me 
another good example - I'd bet that you can tell easily between someone born

in Quebec speaking French,  someone born in Paris, and someone born in 
Haiti, but if you ask me it sounds like they are just all speaking French 
and thats that ;-).

In my opinion you can't even group them as 10v and 20v sounds because simply

the best 5cyl Audi sound there is is right here:

-Cody Forbes

Louis-Alain Richard wrote:
> Spent the night at the pub with Brady (urQ, 4kq, 200qa20v, 240Z) and
> Geraint (200qa10v, 964, GTI Mk2, Spridget), obviously most of the
> talk was about cars. One question is still unsolved : why is the
> sound of the L5 10VT and 20VT so different ? We have some thoughts
> about it, but I'd like to hear from others.
> We agreed that the 10VT is better sounding : rougher, deeper, richer.
> What is the list wisdom on this ? Which is better, but more
> important, why the difference ?
> Louis-Alain
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