1995 90CSQ Sport...Water Temp Needle Progessively Higher Over Months

george.butler2 at verizon.net george.butler2 at verizon.net
Thu Feb 12 12:42:30 PST 2009

Hello All,

I acquired a 95 90CSQ Sport a week ago.  I've ordered the AoA/Bentley 
DVD...but in the meantime I trolling for BTDT's. The previous owner let 
it go because of an overheating problem ("water temp needle kept 
creeping up over time...then one day the engine began to 
steam...'managed to drive it home...engine never seized...it just 
constantly over-heats now...mechanic [his] thinks it might be cracked 
head...but there is no coolant smoke coming out of the 
exhaust...although...a head gasket had been replaced a few months before 
the major over-heating episode...'water pump was replaced about 10K 
miles ago". I have receipts to verify previous work.

I've already located numerous diagnostic sequences to pursue in 
isolating the current over-heating problem...but I'd like to see if 
anyone on the list could provide an "oh yeah...BTDT...'turns out it was 
the______" .  Thanks in advance for any input.


George B.

84 4ksq
88 5ksq

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