Camera mount in a Coupe-urQ quattro Digest, Vol 64, Issue 35

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Mon Feb 16 19:10:04 PST 2009

Oregon Scientific has a helmet cam which mounts on bikes, helmets etc........? 
It has a narrow field of focus, something the newer 5000 model with a viewer (LCD screen) is supposed to address.

I like it because its a SD card and two rechargeable or normal (1.5v) AA batteries.? Small compact and ridiculously simple.

I shoot track footage with it.? However this camera is kinda cheap, but claimed to be 9 feet underwater waterproof so you could make a door sill plate mount and hang it along the lower door edge and film behind or the tires turning.........

I've also used bullet cameras fed into Sony Camcorders (one that records a line feed as well as from the video camera lens) which is more bulky but does ~500 lines of resolution in Digital 8mm.

I've also taken the small cannon ELPH -power shot- camera SD750 1000is 600/50 series etc................ and used them on the rear shelf with a camera mount bolt & wingnut from in the trunk (boot) to tighten them down.? (You can cheat and spin it on the screw threads from the rear seat)

The cannon camera is so small and light, zooms well and is a metal to metal mounting to make the track people happy.

I find the helmet cams the more fun to watch.
You get a real sense of what was going on.......

Here's two (try this following the subject with a fixed mount):

An the boring PoV from the rear shelf Cannon: 
(which actually shows the helmet cam mount by Oregon Scientific too)

-Scott by BOSTON

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