NAC but one of the most amazing stories in motorsports...

thejimrose thejimrose at
Sun Feb 22 09:21:42 PST 2009

thought you lot would appreciate this. a rare video of the john
britten story. for those unfamiliar, a lampmaker from new zealand and
a few mates went about building a superbike in his garage. he took it
to daytona in 1992 and it was leagues faster than anything else. he
revolutionized motorcycling with little used or entirely new
technologies - carbon fiber wheels, hossack style girder fork,
revolutionary aero management, electronic engine management, and an
1100cc vtwin completely handmade and cast in his wifes pottery kiln.
it made 180hp, in 1992 - which is what a ducati 1198 makes today. it's
the greatest underdog story i know about..

"i came here to chew bubble gum and kick ass. and i'm all out of bubblegum."

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