car seems to hesitate/miss when accelarating off of idle

Dave Yentema yentemad at
Mon Feb 23 15:05:01 PST 2009

for those that forgot, I have a 87 5000 cs turbo, fwd automatic

I think I've posted this before, but to be honest i still can't figure out the problem.  At idle she seems to be fine, with an ocassional stumble (bouncing between 800 and 750 RPM)  when I hit the gas, she misses something fierce until about 1800RPM (and based on my NB AFR meter, goes pretty lean as well). But if I go out on a high speed, hard accelarating run, the hesitation goes away but then she idles like crap....

only plausible ign problems are that my rotor is not OE (brand new though) and my cyl 4 wire will leak if you push on it (please don't ask how I found out....)

I'm wondering if my meteing plate is sticking slightly

whatdya say?


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