NAC but one of the most amazing stories in motorsports...

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Mon Feb 23 12:43:41 PST 2009

thejimrose wrote:
> you bet Dave! I didn't even realise they omitted the end of the story
> - thanks for finishing. I guess it's too embedded in my psyche. =)
> i saw the bike at the gugg exhibit in vegas. to see it in person was
> just unreal/surreal/hyperreal. to see the craftsmanship is
> mindboggling - the true scope of the achievement becomes apparent. i
> have the poster framed in my bathroom. GF has learned to love it.. ;-)
> On Sun, Feb 22, 2009 at 11:07 PM, Dave <dave.eaton at> wrote:
>> jim,  thanks for posting this.  it brought back many many memories. john
>> britten is an absolute hero to me.  and a tragic loss when he died of
>> cancer, he was only in his mid-40's...
>> to complete the story, the bike won daytona in 1994 and was 1, 2 & 3
>> @daytona in 1995, the year of john's death, in which i believe it won every
>> round of the "bears" world championship...
FWIW, West Coast locals can see a Britten in Solvang, a "Danish" town 
(and tourist destination, seen in "Sideways") just NW of Santa Barbara.  
There's a truly interesting motorcycle museum there, with several other 
rare treats. 

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