Subject: Audi friends, I have a few questions

Mike Arman Armanmik at
Sun Jan 4 14:45:35 PST 2009

> Fay Kelley <iceisit at>
> Subject: Audi friends, I have a few questions

> Hi
> I am temporarily without an Audi ... will get another when
> I can.
> 1.)
> I am looking at Chevy Astro Vans  (will give to my hubby
> when I am done.)

There are "quattro" Astro vans.

As was mentioned, these are basically trucks, not very refined at all, I've seen them in both 
utility and people-carrier versions (seats, carpets, windows). They do get the job done, but not 
much else.

One thing you might find interesting is that the V-6 Astrovan can easily have a 350" V-8 dropped in, 
all you need is a pair of custom motor mounts, a V8, some time (not a lot) and some tools (not many) 
- and the result is an absolute bomb - 300+ hp in a very light tin can  . . . ;-) and it looks like 
"Joe's Plumbing and Electric" until you drop the hammer. Cheap, easy conversion, might be worthwhile 
if you needed to tow a big boat trailer and wanted a van instead of a pickup truck. Or if you're 
into street drags (right - "Sonic Boom Realty - look quick, we'll show you the whole town in three 

> Any years to avoid ....
> Any great years ....
> must get an automatic ... and AC of course
> 2.)
> Also, does anyone know about Arizona law that says if a car is totalled,
> being the repair is more than the book value ... that the DMV
> requires one to make it a salvage title or is someone tugging on my cuff?

They're tugging your cuff - this is for wrecks from collisions, "totalled" is an insurance term, it 
is not used for vehicles needing mechanical repairs. I've bought (and subsequently fixed) more than 
a few vehicles needing "expensive repairs, more than the vehicle is worth" and not one of them has 
EVER had or needed a "salvage" title. I think they're trying to tug your checkbook, too. (But you 
already know that.)

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

> Cheers,  Fay
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