Acronyms for AUDI

Sun Jan 4 20:24:04 PST 2009

Jody referred to this link......
which I almost forgot about, but it was good reading.....especially about  
the door handles.
But looking at the newer body styles (front end) all I can think of is  .....
Another Ugly Deutch Impersonation (of a Dodge) 
Luckily, by the time I can afford one, maybe the newest ones will be sooo  
ugly I won't mind the older style.

'98 A4 Avant  Q (no door handle problems)
''88 80Q (sold)  (no door handle  problems)
'85 4KQ ..garage Queen ... for sale (no door handle problems  because the car 
is never driven) or I always use the PISG method  .......(Push In Squeeze 

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