[V8] 4.2A6 Pros and Cons NOW a8..

thejimrose thejimrose at gmail.com
Tue Jan 6 12:35:42 PST 2009

me too! there's an 04 a8L for sale on CL in SF with like 50k on it for
$24k !!!! what a STEAL! man that would be living large for short

i suppose the way to do it is insure it to the gills then have your
buddy drive it off a cliff and make $20k =)

i wonder how an e55 would compare in same low speed crash, cost-wise?

> Henry A Harper III wrote:
>> repair bill of
>> almost $30k and five months in the one shop in all of Michigan certified to
>> work on aluminum body cars.
>> > Before committing to either an A8 or S8, check the insurance rates.
> You guys are really starting to bum me out.
> --

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