A6 4.2L - pros and cons?

cobram at juno.com cobram at juno.com
Wed Jan 7 21:32:34 PST 2009

GM did screw the pooch, instead of investing some time and money into
resolving the casting problems (this was cutting edge stuff back then),
GM canned it and sold it to Rover, lock stock and barrel.  Rover squared
it away and went on to sell thousands upon thousands of vehicles with
this engine for almost 4 decades.  The Rover engine is closer to the
Tempest version (Pontiac), which was better refined than the original
Buick version by the time GM sold it.
This was no where near the "worst engine in the world",  plenty of dogs
that could bark much louder than this one in that contest.  GM even tried
to buy it back, but Rover told them to go pound casting sand.

"God's a kid with an ant farm. He's not planning anything."

Dave <dave.eaton at clear.net.nz> writes:
> lol, i believe that the small block buick v8 has the unofficial title 
> of the
> "worst engine in the world". so bad in fact that the poms paid good 
> money to
> buy it from gm and shove it into rovers and range rovers and release 

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