audi 90q front sub frame

Huw Powell audi at
Wed Jan 7 22:00:11 PST 2009

donald grady wrote:

> thanks for all of the info so far...i got the power pac out today,
> does anyone know how much fun it'll be to get the wiring harness
> out...or have any tip's? i'm tackling that in the morning.

Don, any chance you can do something about how your emails format?

Anyway, the "old" ECUs are - ignition, behind the passenger kick panel 
(side of car) and fuel, stuck up between the fresh air box and the 
firewall.  Keep track of the power (etc.) wires coming into them to see 
if you can use them for your new electronics.

Big fat wire harness going through hole in the firewall...

Might need to use the 20v coil as well?

Best of luck!

Huw Powell

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