NAC: worst engine in the world award

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Thu Jan 8 20:26:18 PST 2009

Speaking of diesel GM cars, does anyone remember that the diesel
Chevette was much faster than the gas Chevette.

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Bah, I wonder if y'all might be too young to remember the really BAD
of the past. The engines mentioned so far are all perfectly fine engines
when comapred to thigns like the Caddilac V4-6-8 (GMs first and most
terrible attempt at fuel savings by cylinder deactivation) or the Olds
block 350 Diesel (which ruined the image of Diesels in the USA forever,
still hurting the image of Diesel eve today). THOSE were truely terrible

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> i believe that the small block buick v8 has the unofficial title of
> "worst engine in the world".
> No Dennis and Dave, the absolute worst engine in the world was the 2,5
> liter
> GM 4-cylinder. Maybe it was longer lasting than the Vega's or the
> but
> it was gutless, thirsty, noisy, trashy and obsolete. An horror. The
> Tempo 2,3 liter was a gem in comparison.
> Louis-Alain
> Who spent its youth at the wheel of these obscure machines...
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