X 1/9, MR2, 914-6 and Fox

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Wed Jan 14 10:55:23 PST 2009

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> Subject: Re: X 1/9, MR2, 914-6 and Fox
> Now you're talking heresy- Chevy powered Porsche. :-)
> Taka

Coupla years ago I did the wiring on one of these. Guy had a 914 with a Chebby V-8 in it, wires 
draped around like Spanish moss on an old oak tree.

He knew zilch about electrics (and not much more about mechanics, I think someone else did the 
conversion), and I wired up the car in three Saturday afternoons of not very difficult work.

Got paid, too - Hercules Wankel motorcycle in a box! ("I'll wire your car if you trade me the bike 
for my labor." 10 microsecond pause. "OK, do it.")

The guy was kind of not exactly wrapped too tight, and I declined a ride in the car when he offered 
to show me how fast it would go . . . sorry, gotta go, my wife is expecting me home . . . thanks 
anyway . . . wouldn't ride in his airplane either.

PS - and you're right about the ethnic slur, even though in this case it likely wasn't intended as 
such. We just need to get ourselves out of the habit or using phraseology like this, even casually. 
(By "we" I am talking about everybody, not just on this list).

First time in my life I ever saw blatant bigotry was in 1968 when I drove from NY to FL and stopped 
in a gas station in South Carolina (I think) - restroom this way, then two signs, white, colored. Up 
to that point I had only read about it in books, which made it kind of abstract, but SEEING it is 
something else entirely. Perhaps I've led a sheltered life . . .

Best Regards,

Mike Arman

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