A few constructive comments ...

Andrée-Anne Bourgeois laraa at sympatico.ca
Wed Jan 14 17:13:36 PST 2009

I've driven and autocrossed virtually every car mentioned in the myriad 
offshoots of the original thread.(...)

>> You know what ? I've not been that interested in this list in a long
time. You guys seem to have driven every cool automobile of the last 40
years. And by some collective, inherent reserve, we always seem to come back
to Audi in a way or the other. I must tell the moderators that this new
"freedom" is welcome.

>> I also want to express my appreciation of the quality of the texts
(almost no faults), and the general respect and politeness of the listers.
We had an example earlier today, and the reply was one of respect, even if
there were no bad initial intentions. Let this cool attitude be forever.

(...)  I even saw a Fiero with a cap (?):
http://5000tq.com/audifanspics/Miscellaneous-Stuff/IMG_0774 (...)

>> New (off-topic) question : is this a cap from a Nissan Pulsar, a Pontiac
Firebird or a VW Pick-up ?


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