Fiero Northstar(Fire-O)NAC

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Well, technically it wasn't offered by the 'factory' - if by that you meant the GM factory. 

My brother-in-law had an early Fiero, I always thought it was an ergonomic disaster. I'm 5' 8" and I had a very hard time
getting myself comfortable while also being able to see the gauges. It ran crappy,  but of course at the time, it was the
early '90's so I can't really judge the car from that perspective based on that particular car.

I did like the late GT's, however, with the extended roofline. 

 Dan D
'04 A4 1.8Tq MT-6
Central NJ USA

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The Factory offered Ferrari Kit was offered in 86-87-88 IIRC. It was
called the Mera:

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Ding ding, we have a winner. I was about 12 or so when they were
getting famous for this. Too bad, because I really liked the late
versions of the car.

BTW, the wiring also ran right past the exhaust, which is why I moved
it. It would, in a lot of cases get melted under hard driving, causing
a short circuit on some of the unfused wires, and voila!! Fire!


On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 7:25 AM, Steven Mayes <phixxitt at>
> The Fiero GT was known to catch fire due to the proximity of the
exaust manifolds to combustible materials and excess heat. With their
plasic body they were hard to put out.
> For awhile the were the hotest cars out there. Might have something to
do with their demise.
> GM is known to stop production when they got it right. Look at the
Corvair, Early ones were bipolar while the later ones were track proven.
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>> I never saw a Ferrari kit either ... the one that I was
>> interested in was a
>> GT-40.  I read about one that even had a Ford V8 w/bag o
>> snakes exhaust ...
>> if only the engine were longitudinally mounted ... :-)
>> Steve B
>> San Jose, CA (USA)
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>> His was an '88, and I liked it. Sure, it's no
>> Ferrari, but it was damn
>> fun for the $3000 or so he had into it. I "got"
>> to do the modification
>> wiring. It was quite a bit of work, but since he knew
>> nothing about
>> wiring, and a heck of a lot about fabrication, that's
>> sort of where he
>> stopped. I met him at college.
>> BTW, anyone know why they were refered to as
>> "FIRE-O's"?
>> I reran all the wiring on the drivers side through the
>> bulkhead,
>> rather than through the center right past the exhaust (team
>> doorhandle, perhaps) as it was from the factory. The engine
>> ran
>> beautifully, as if it was still in the Caddy. However, it
>> was a bit
>> faster ;-)
>> You are right, Tom. Just as they got it right, they killed
>> it. I've
>> never even heard of a factory Ferrari body kit. Would love
>> to see one.
>> Tony
>> > Not a difficult conversion. For anyone considering a
>> Fiero conversion,
>> try
>> > to find the last year GT ('88?).  That has an
>> upgraded Lotus suspension
>> and
>> > brakes. GM was just getting it right and they killed
>> it. Has anyone else
>> ever
>> > seen the dealer installed Ferrari body kit? I bought
>> my '64 Plymouth
>> convert
>> > off a guy who had two of those and 4 regular GT's.
>> He also had 4 Ariel
>> square
>> > fours. Interesting guy.
>> >
>> > Tom Faust
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