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Thu Jan 15 18:17:52 PST 2009

FWIW, from what I recall at the Speedvision Cup dinner we had with the RS6
boys in their final visit to Lime Rock, they used (rules mandated) stock
S4TT gearboxes in the RS6's they ran. I'm sure they rebuilt them often (I
can't recall), but if they could handle that torque and power run in anger
for an entire series for 3 years running, my guess is they gearbox shouldn't
be an issue.


On 1/15/09, Mark R <speedracer.mark at> wrote:
> I can chime in.  It's the same driveline as a 2K S4 (basically).
> 6speeds seem to be rock solid.  Clutches are fine if not abused.  Chip
> +exhaust is in the 330 HP range (up from 250 stock).  Electrics (sound
> system, etc.) are generally the issue.  With the driveline, you have a
> couple of major items:
> The biggest (by far) is that the 2000 Turbos had some (casting, I'm told)
> issues.  They probably would've failed by now, but mid year 2001 there was
> a
> change.  When my car was in for it's warranty replacement in late 2001,
> there were 3 other 2.7T cars in for the same thing.
> Otherwise, it's y-boot and f-hoses (both easily replaced).  Also, the
> bypass
> valves fail (which can overspin the turbos).  Replacing both with an
> aftermarket (Baily, Forge, etc.) is a good investment (and helps keep the
> boost up during shifts).
> The 2000 has a big advantage for someone sporting- NO ESP.  ESP kick in
> under heavy braking (even if turned off), so if you're thinking track
> events
> or the such, the 2000s are the car to have.  For daily commuting, ESP is a
> nice safety feature (which cuts out ALL of the fun- at least how Audi has
> tuned it).
> In electrics, the head units and IC (center display) are known weak links.
> A complete VAG-COM scan would be worthwhile prior to purchase.  It's not
> uncommon to see some sporadic codes, which can be ignored in certain
> modules
> (radio, etc.).
> I absolutely adore my 2000 S4.... yet I don't drive it much... so might be
> selling it soon.  If you find the right car, you'll LOVE your A6 2.7T.
> Mark Rosenkrantz
> On Thu, Jan 15, 2009 at 3:22 PM, Tihol Tiholov <t.tiholov at>
> wrote:
> > 'sohrite with me to talk re: other cars but, please, help an Audi-less
> guy.
> >
> > Would like to ask re: MY 2K A6 2.7T, 6-sp.  Does anyone have BTDT re:
> > reliability, sources, horror stories, related?  Pondering getting 1.
> > TIA,
> > Tihol
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