MFTS Install and/or Thermostat 91 200 TQM 10V Re: quattro Digest, Vol 63, Issue 48

George sidman at
Fri Jan 16 09:51:29 PST 2009

The last time I replaced the Multi-malfunction Temp sensor, I had to replace
the connector as well. This was about the third time around on this job, so
I decided to get it right. Instead of using the rubber boot that neatly
pools leakage on the connector, I used a short piece of 1 1/4" rubber hose,
about half an inch longer than the sensor and connector, which I pushed up
onto the sensor body and hose clamped against the manifold. Now the leakage
drips harmlessly away from the connector. You can clean the connectors with
a moist cue tip and baking soda. Then, some dielectric grease will assure a
longer lasting hookup......

To replace the thermostat, you are best off to pull out the power steering
pump. Once you figure out how to do it, it takes about ten minutes, but it
gives you clear access to the Tstat, and allows you to replace the 5" piece
of 3/4" rubber hose that's right there.

George Sidman
'91 20v Avant - 310,000 miles

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