[s-cars] No turn signals w/lights on

Robert Rossato rossato.qlist at gmail.com
Sat Jan 24 07:36:04 PST 2009

Ignition switch.  Very common.  Not sure which of the 4 vehicles it's
occurring on, but probably common to all.  You'll probably find that the
climate control fan also does not function when this occurs.
Essentially anything that goes through the X-cutout relay.  Ignition
switch housing is cracked and internals are hanging up and not fully
returning to "Run" when you let go of the switch after starting.  Make
sure you move the switch back after starting as sometimes the starter
remains engaged.  Switch is around $30 at the dealer.


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> As subject states. They work without headlights, not with. 
> Hazards work whenever. Switch is my guess.  Any other 
> suggestions? Can it be cleaned? 
> I'll search the AW FAQ when I get home.  I'm doing this from 
> the road.   
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