Miss Piggy's death and resurrection

Robert Myers bob at chips-ur-s.com
Fri Jan 30 08:46:10 PST 2009

Hi Y'all,

Perhaps you might recall Miss Piggy's Miss.  Well, she had a bad coil 
pack, identified as #3.  Replaced said #3 coil and the pig fired 
right up.  The miss at idle was gone but when trying a high boost run 
there was yet another miss at boost.  Hmmm...  Second bad coil?  I 
ordered a couple of new coils and lived with it for a few days.  A 
couple of days later the pig quit on me just as I drove into my 
driveway and pulled up to the garage.  Oh sh**, err... oh, nuts.  Now 
what?  She's dead, Jim.  I ran her on into the garage using the 
starter motor and just walked away for a while.  Think about it, Bob, 
what had you been doing which might possibly cause this.  Sleep on 
it.  About 3 AM it hit me that I had disconnected the two white B+ 
connectors on the firewall a few days earlier.  Maybe one or both 
didn't get back together tightly enough and had worked their way 
apart.  Next morning I disconnected and reconnected the white 
plugs.  Bingo!  Miss Piggy fired right up again.  She has been 
resurrected from what appeared to be a rather severe case of death.

OK, now I finally started miss diagnostics again.  Uh, that's 
diagnosing the miss not mis-diagnosing the problem.  I hope.  When I 
replaced coil #4 and drove the pig snot out of her the miss that I 
had been searching for went away.  Oh goodie.  Now for a REAL 
run.  WOT and _REAL_ boost.  The full time miss is still gone.  The 
miss under low boost is still gone.  BUT - when I finally got her 
running well enough to really develop some boost there is yet another 
even weaker miss which didn't even show up until I'm looking at 26 to 
28 psig.  WTF another weak coil?  I think so.  I have ordered even 
more coils and will replace the rest of the old coils.  I think that 
will finally get the pig running well again and give me a few more 
spare coils for my Rosattobin.

So, Miss Piggy is feeling much better now.  I'll see about the other 
coils in a few days.

The moral to this little story?  Don't count your pigs until the 
chicken crosses the road or something like that.


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