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Kent McLean kentmclean at
Thu Jul 16 17:32:01 PDT 2009

Mike Veglia wrote:
> Kent McLean writes:
> << My old '94 100 S Avant has come back to haunt me. The current owner 
> (S.O.'s son)
> called to tell me that when he puts the blinkers on (either left or 
> right), the
> hazards come on (or I guess both sides blink). I asked if was that way 
> inside
> the car, or outside too. He said inside, and he could see the hazarda in the
> bumper ahead of him, too. >>
> Doesn't sound like an ignition switch related symptom. This sounds more 
> like a bad blinker relay or possibly hazard light switch problem. No 
> BTDT yet (thankfully) on our '95 A6q avant.

Re: '94 100 S Avant, V6 automatic non-quattro. The hazards (or both turn
signals) come on when the turn signal switch is moved left or right.

He replaced the hazard light switch with a used one -- no change.
He then replaced the turn signal switch with a used one -- no change.

I assume the used switches were good, as they were sourced from Force 5.

Probably not the ignition switch, as the other electrics (sunroof, wipers,
heater fan, etc.) still seem to work normally.

The problem started when he opened a door and the alarm went off. He canceled
the alarm, and then when he put on the turn signal (left or right), both
would come on like hazard lights.

We'll try the blinker relay next, and then ...?  Chris Semple suggested
following the Bentley wiring diagram, which I don't have.

Any other suggestions (besides, "It's an old Audi, what do you expect?"?).

Kent McLean
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