type 44 200 alarm now arms on "unlock"

David Michael adavidmichael at gmail.com
Mon Jul 20 18:24:59 PDT 2009


The alarm arming cable has three wires in a white sleeve from the lock
cylinder to the connector. The connector is tie-wrapped top the door shell
and is easy to see once the interior panel is removed and insulation lifted
up. The connector the "all white" cable plugs into has has three wires:
brown (ground), brown-white and brown-green. You can check your arming
switch by disconnecting the connector- and ohming out the three pins on the
"all white" cable. There should be an open connection between the center pin
and either side pin when the key is not turned. Turn the key one way about 7
degrees and you should find 0 ohms between center and one of the side-pin.
Turn 7 degrees the other and the other pin should have continuity to the

I know all this because this, as everyone pointed out, is (I hope) the
source of my problem. I some how jarred the circlip that holds the lock
cylinder in the housing loose when I was working on the door handle, which
subsequently cause the geared lock lever to come of the cylinder housing
assembly. I re-assembled it all, but neglected to make sure the gear on the
lock lever was timed correctly to the microswitch gear.  The u-switch gear
is 360 degrees and has some sort of cam that operates two different
u-switches. When I re-assembled everything after finding the pieces, I
had the u-switch cam gear  phased such that  unlocking the door made the
"door locked" switch close.

I have the housing on by kitchen table now, and have it back together such
that the "missing tooth" on the cam gear lines up with the "filled valley"
on the lever gear. And now the u-switches do what I think they are supposed
to do.

I should have remembered all this because I replaced the gear lever and lock
cylinder about 5 years ago because both (driver and passenger) unlock levers
were original and broke within 6 month of each other (a known problem and
the the replacement parts are an improved design). Getting the phasing is
right is I think explained in the Bentley, but that was so long ago that I
forgot all about it.

Anyway, thanks to all who made suggestions -Al- that web page on the lock
cylinders shook  the cobwebs out and made it all make sense. I will let you
know how it goes when I reassemble the door


On Sun, Jul 19, 2009 at 11:55 PM, John Lagnese <jlagnese at massed.net> wrote:

> What color are the wires on the lock switch. My alarm keeps setting itself.
> I'm pretty sure its broken wires in the door to body wiring. I need to know
> which color wires to check.
> snip

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