Subject: Re: avant roof rails + mont blanc

Tom Winter tom at
Thu Jul 23 12:10:45 PDT 2009

I've used two solutions for this. On my long gone '87 5000 avant, I
purchased the correct length crossbars (used) made by Yakima and then used U
bolts to attach to the roof rails. Total cost was under $25. This set up
will work for any Avant, and you can use any manufacturer's crossbars,
although using Yakima or Thule will give you the most options for bike, ski
and other equipment carriers.

Upside = cheap! 
Downside = not totally secure/lockable because anyone with some wrenches can
remove crossbars and anything attached to them.

On my '95 S6 I have Yakima system which works exactly the same as Grant's
Thule system, with feet that attach directly to the rails. Interestingly
enough, I use a Thule box for ski gear. It fits perfectly.

Upside = everything fully lockable + one can see if you have anything in the
Downside = EXPENSIVE!

Craig's List often has Yak and Thule stuff for less than new, so you can
save a couple of bucks. But you are non-USA, so maybe CL is not an option?

Good luck,

Tom '95 S6 Avant

Date: Thu, 23 Jul 2009 12:45:58 -0400
From: Grant Lenahan <glenahan at>

I can't speak for your C3(?). But on my C5 avant, i have the thule
system, whcih has rubber/aramid "feet" that attach to the metal roof
rails, never touching the painted roof.

I like it. I can carry all kind sof stuff.

genrally, my favorites, if money is not an issue, is Yakima.

Snoopy wrote:
> Hi. My car is '90 100 Avant with roof rails. For a few years I was
> struggling with Mont Blanc roof racks, which I borrowed from friends.
> Rack's feet were too wide for skinny Avant rails, and they didn't fix
> well, unless you put additional rubber under the foot.
> This year I decided to buy my own. Checked Mont Blanc catalog and
> realized, that for my car they recommend the same rack as for my
> friends' cars (A100 C4 and A80, both avants). The same rack I had
> problems with! How come?
> Thule and Atera racks are also available here, maybe someone with the same car
> could recommend something that fits really good?

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