Limited AC, but all VAG - Clutch Hydraulics.

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Forgot some details.

The 200 is still behaving badly, so Mrs L now refuses to drive it and is
driving the golf.
I am after the union sizes for the clutch hoses since i need to make a new
pipe before i remove the old one. That means that i'll be able to swap them
one evening and not stop anyone getting to work unless it all goes 'orribly

The hose that's on there is manufactured, but used the only remaining used
unions that i had lying around.
Unfortunately the hose is made of some high pressure rubber hydraulic tube.
I'm guessing that this wouldn't be an issue, save for the fact that it
passes across the firewall behind the inlet manifold, about 20cm from the
exhaust. In heavy traffic, i think that heat soak is causing the hose to
soften and absorb some of the hydraulic pressure that should be pushing the

Options are:
1.	Shorten the rubber hose by inserting a bit of metal pipe between the
master and some where under the header tank (for which i need to know the
size of the fittings)
2.	Sell the audi and buy the wife a new(er) car that starts on a
regular basis (requires liquidity that i would rather deploy next quarter,
but needs to happen long term anyhow...)


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Go to a hydraulic hose shop (many construction equipment rental companies
do this too) and they should be able to build you a new hose using your
fittings.  If you ends are mangled, they will probably have adapters that
will fit.
Last year I had the much larger hydraulic hose for the 200TQA done, it
cost me $65. 

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"Geraint Lloyd" <geraintlloyd_qc at> writes:
> Guys n Gals,
> Does anyone know what size the pipe and fittings VAG use for clutch
> hydraulics?
> I have an issue with the clutch on the 87 Golf, that means that i'll 
> need to
> get a rigid hose fabricated and I don't know what diameter and 
> thread that I
> need.
> Unless someone in North America, has a good clutch hose for a RHD 
> 1993-1996
> Passat or Corrado that they would sell me. I know that there's one 
> in a
> dealership in Portsmouth in (Old) Hampshire (moto: Live Free and 
> Retire to
> Bournemouth), but that's too expensive. 
> Thanks
> Geraint 
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