Brake Rotors-

omar millmech h636k at
Fri Jun 5 11:13:50 PDT 2009

While practicing for the art of being poor & getting away with it, had access to a bead blaster.  The 4kq that I bought had been sitting in Ohio for a while, all rotors were rusty & brakes were very lumpy.  Looking at these rusty & lumpy things, thinking about bags of $$$ flying away, I thought of the bead blaster.
It took an amount of time, but they came out quite well & brakes were very smooth.
It took an outlay of $0.  I didn't own the bead blaster or buy the beads.
It's non-destructive & removes almost no good metal, so the rotors aren't really thinner, not counting the rust build-up.
It looks like there would be access in the UFO rotors to blast the inside surface.  Just a suggestion.


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