Question regarding suspension interchangeability

Ben Swann benswann at
Thu Jun 11 07:33:39 PDT 2009

I was presenteed with a question about replacing damaged strut on '83 Ur quattro. See "
" below.  I was under the impression that struts from 4000 quattro and/or Coupe quattro
as well as some modle 80/90 were pretty much interchangeable, with exception that 5 lug
hubs would need to be pressed in and items like ball joints and tie-rod ends may need to
be swapped.  Yes/No?  Caveats?

"I am the owner of a 1983 Audi ur quattro, in which, unfortunately, I had an accident
<snip>on the driver's side of the car, causing glancing body damage and suspension
damage. <snip>
One part needed to repair it is proving hard to find (..) OEM part number 857 412 025 B,
wheel bearing housing with suspension strut tube, driver's "

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