Visiting Bavaria

mboucher70 at mboucher70 at
Mon Jun 15 02:47:12 PDT 2009

We're going to be spending 4 days in and around Munich.   One  of the things
that we wanted to do was visit the various Bavarian castles south of Munich.
This can be done via tour bus but I was thinking, what better place to rent
a new German car than in the heart of Bavaria!  Nothing too exotic, but a
new-model A4, a BMW 3 series would probably be the most reasonable.  


I went onto Expedia and was able to find some companies offering these.
However the rental was always "Audi A4 or Similar", which means it could
easily become a Peugeot, Opel, or anything of the same size.  


So my questions are:


-Does anyone have suggestions for renting a specific model in Germany?  


-What models of any of the German car companies would be a sweet ride to
take down the Autobahn and into the Alps at the south of Germany


-Anyone ever tour the various car companies in the area (Audi, BMW, Porsche)
and can comment if its worth a visit to their headquarters (they each have
museums I think)



Thanks for any suggestions

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