reminder about scams, a little further detail

Huw Powell audi at
Mon Jun 15 20:59:08 PDT 2009

> "Banks tend to hush this up because if we discovered and realized how  
> unsafe OUR money is "safe in
> the bank", we'd probably go back to keeping it  in a mattress."
> There is also an "agreement" with the media to hush up bank robberies. Most 
>  fair size cities, Boston for instance, have 4-5 a day. They don't want the 
>  public to know how common, or easy, it is.

So many things are hushed up nowadays!  Did you know that Barack Obama 
is actually an alien, sent here to get us ready to submit to our 
eventual lizard overlords?  Everyone in Congress knows, so does the MSM, 
but they keep it a secret!

Mandatory Audi Content: I drove my Audi today while dodging alien mind 
control beams.  Trick: line the sunroof with tinfoil.

Huw Powell

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