Heater core differences

Duncan Thomson duncan at systemcontrols.co.nz
Mon Jun 22 21:00:34 PDT 2009

Thanks Huw,

Was hoping to do this cheaply, and planned to practice on a car at the
wrecker's. I'll price up a new replacement, but the cost of that would
likely put me off altogether. The poor car is looking a bit the worse
for wear these days anyway. And can't see a lot of point putting new
parts in unless I can tidy up existing probs (head lining, door panels,
radio, windscreen etc etc) enough to justify keeping it.

Especially since there's an UrS6 locally that has caught my eye.

Unfortunately it's an auto, anybody have any feedback on tranny swap
feasibility for an UrS6? Although could make do with auto for a cruiser
/ commuter I guess... reliability issues?


Huw Powell wrote:
> The heater core is a complete PITA to replace.
> My advice is to buy a new one, you don't want to do this twice.
> It's the same in all "type 89" (80/90/QC/S2 88-92) cars.  I doubt any
> other is the same.

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