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urq urq at pacbell.net
Wed Jun 24 06:38:39 PDT 2009

... I know better than to accuse a prof of that!  ;-)

The one thing that comes to mind that I haven't seen mentioned ... are you
sure you know you have the correct code?  

Steve Buchholz

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Hi Y'all,

Before someone starts saying RTFM, Bob, I did RTFM.

I recently purchased a Delta radio to replace the original one in my 
car.  Of course it came in in the SAFE mode.  The code was provided 
with the radio.  Apparently, before I got the radio, someone has 
tried to reset it back to operate mode too many attempts and it is 
temporarily (permanently?) locked out.  According to the manual I 
just need to turn the power on to the radio and leave it turned on 
for about an hour and then I can restore the code.  Yep, I read that 
in the manual, I sure did.  Unfortunately, it appears that the radio 
didn't read the same manual.

What's the trick?


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